TETUAN-Spanish Morocco.

To:- George's Travels and experiences whilst stationed in Gibraltar on National Service.


One weekend I went over to Tanger, caught the Bus Coach to Tetuan which is a Spanish Protectorate in Morocco.

 Everyone on board the Coach was carrying live chickens or birds in cages or baskets

Pictures taken in the Souk with dappled sunshine filtering through the laced roof, you could even buy a can of ice cold pure orange juice here in the Souk from the stalls that can be seen. (1953)



Zavia del Harrak in Tetuan.

Locals purchasing goods in stores (1953)


A family can be seen drawing water in buckets to take back to their home.


Women sitting up against the wall just outside Tetuan selling Flax. (1953)

Water seller with his Water Goatskin (1953)

A blind: Beggar-Mendigo-Tetuan

It is interesting to note that none of the photo's have anything relating to the

modern day items of the 50's in them.

Visit to Ceuta, the Spanish Enclave