RABAT, Morocco.

To:- George's Travels whilst stationed in Gibraltar on National Service.

Rabat, Morocco
Rabat is the capital of Morocco
The native name of Morocco is Al Maghrib


One weekend I took the Coach Bus from Meknes to Rabat,  the coach station with its central location, it is a good way of arriving in Rabat, or by train which is quicker, with the coach you have some time to see other places on route.
The kasbah, is situated in a strategic position on top of the estuary, It dates back back to the glorious days of the twelfth century (we are told) when the sultan used it as a base for his campaigns against the Spanish.

 The Tour Hassan is an unfinished minaret of the great mosque begun by Yacoub al-Mansour .


(Tower) Tour Hassan

Tour Hassan view from the palm tree approach

taken in 1953


Tour Hassan with native relaxing in contemplation 1953

Tour Hassan with coloums 1953

Local native with his ponies 1953

Local Guard. 1953