Border:- La Linea de la Concepcion, Espana.


The Flag of Spain (Espana)

The Border Gates Spanish side 1953

LA LINEA DE LA CONCEPCION, is a frontier town of Spain, it borders Gibraltar, it is situated in the province of Cadiz and San Roque which is in the region of Andalucia. 

The Flag of Andalucia

 La Linea trades in cereals, fruit and vegetables with Gibraltar.  Large numbers of labourers employed in Gibraltar reside in La Linea they cross the border each morning.

If we were free in the evening we could also walk across the border and go to La Linea this town was also very busy with many bars serving tapas and small restaurants providing good meals until very late.  One of the local drinks was "Malaga" quite a strong sweet type of vermouth. 

 Locals also drank Vino de la Casa, house red wine with lemonade 'Casera" quite a refreshing drink.   Another popular drink was "Cuarenta Y Tres" which was around 68% proof spirit,  poured over ice in a brandy balloon glass, this was a spirit made from bananas.

Sampling the Cerveza, San Miguel (Beer) at a bar in La Linea


Was Inaugurated/opened on the 29th of May in 1883 by El Gordito, Frascuelo y Marinero. 

Often on Sundays there would be various bullfights at the Plaza de Toros in La Linea which always attracted a large amount of people you could either purchase tickets to sit in the Sun or Shade, SOL Y SOMBRE. 

Keith & Myself in the Plaza des Toros La Linea 1953


Outside the The Plaza de Toros, La Linea,

Man 'Hombre' selling hats,'somberos' and stalls with drinks

Entry of Matadors into the ring

The bullfighter (Matador) is in position to drive the estoque (a special sword to kill the bull) down into the back of the bull's neck. 

The Spanish word for sword in general is 'espada'.

The Bull wanted to Jump the barrier.

The Bull having jumped the Barrier. 

Lady -Reajonador on Horseback.



View from Bull Ring looking toward Gibraltar. 

The matador is in position to drive the estoque 

(a special sword to kill the bull) 



Main road through Estepona, we are on the second coach in the picture 

From La Linea it was easy to catch the Bus Coach to MALAGA passing San Roque, Estepona,San Pedro, Marbella, Torremolinos, of course the roads were not very good in the 50's and places like Estepona and San Pedro, Marbella were very small.

View of Malaga from the Gibralfaro. The name comes from Jebel(mountain)+Faro (lighthouse) it had a beacon in ancient times to alert sailors that this was the harbour which is around 425 feet above Malaga City.

The History of Malaga goes all the way back to the Phoenicians, who called it(Malaca)

In Moorish times it was the main port of the Kingdom of Granada

View from Gibralfaro looking toward the Bullring and harbour

View to the Harbour of Malaga the square building top left in the picture below 

can be seen in the picture above top right



We could also go round the Bay to Algeceiras, where ferries went from the Harbour across to Ceuta and Tanger, North Africa.


Out one Sunday in Algeceiras for 'Comidas' Lunchtime

On one of our visits to Algeceiras, I met a young Spanish Chap, who was an amateur radio ham, I told him I had a friend who was also a Radio Ham in UK, he asked me to his home to look at his station equipment, like many Radio Hams he used the 20metre band.

  I managed to locate my UK friends broadcast signal one Sunday, we were able to speak to him. We managed to speak together on various occasions.

 This young gentleman introduced me to his sister "Calida" we met on many occasions after, she became my regular girlfriend whilst in Gib. 

Later she then introduced her friend to us, a girl called Alegria,  we understood this to mean cheerful, the girl that was with me was Calida, well I knew sufficient Spanish that Caliente meant hot, so I thought her name had some meaning like this, we looked it up in our little book, it was “warm”. 

My friends girl  Alegria certainly lived up to her name Cheerful, she was always laughing, a very happy girl, when we were out and about or in a restaurant she was constantly laughing all the time, we thought this to be the effects of the red vino and casera !!! that she liked to drink.

We could also go over to Tanger (Tangier) by the Trans- Med, Cuidad De Alicante

from Algeceiras, this is the view as we embarked for Tanger

Visit to Tanger,North Africa