Monkey's Cave to Instrument Workshops, REME,


Monkey's Cave

This is the entrance to Arow Street from Monkey's Cave

which can just be seen on the left hand side.

We walked along Arow Street to our Instrument Workshop

which was situated in another cave further along on the left hand side.

This is the area that was our instrument workshop it had a proper roof and guttering to take water away, it was dry as any precision workshop should be, I have inserted a picture. You can see we had windows in where the fencing is situated now, you can see "Ian" in the foreground calibrating a rangefinder, "Jose" in the picture below is seated third person along.   We had unobstructed views across to the North African Coast

The picture above shows Monkey's Cave and the walk along Arow Street, to the Cave where our instrument Workshop was.

Pictures of Arow Street kindly taken for me by Roy Smith, Monkey's Cave

April 2007.

Picture above shows "Jose" sitting on the low wall during coffee break, which was the only thing that prevented anyone from falling over the edge.  The two walls seen above were not there in the 50's.